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Every Horror Reference From The Cabin In The Woods In One Video

by bouilloire
Le film n'est vraiment pas mal, mais vu comme ?a, il devient bluffant


Générique : American Horror Story

by bouilloire
Ce générique ne cesse de me faire penser à celui de Se7en et ?a n'est pas un hasard en fait. Même réalisateur et un Nine Inch Nails impliqué.



Crypt Logic: The Art of Bryan Baugh

by everyueveryme
The Horrific Artwork on this website is Rated R

Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood

by everyueveryme
Welcome to the official website for the film Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood, coming in 2009.


Cinematical Seven: Horror Movies for Girls - Cinematical

by bouilloire
Pas encore vu High Tension mais Cecile de France ?a le fait pas... Adoré The Descent Bien aimé Scream Aime bien aussi Resident Evil mais c'est bien parce que Milla fait des accrobaties Jamais entendu parler de Ginger Snaps Jamais vu le film Buffy mais ?a me tente moyen Detesté Hard Candy malgré ma chouchoute Ellen Page


by everyueveryme
Tom Whalen Illustration & Design

by everyueveryme
DINOSAURS ATTACK! is a 1988 collector card series from Topps containing 55 cards and 11 Stickers.

Joshua Hoffine

by bouilloire
Le site idéal pour se mettre en phase avec Halloween :-[

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

by jdrsantos
The ISFDB is a community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It links together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and co


The Werewolf Page - This site contains an extensive collection of resources pertaining to legend of the werewolf.

by everyueveryme
This site contains an extensive collection of resources pertaining to legend of the werewolf. Do werewolves really exist? Step inside and judge for yourself.


by ycc2106
flash horror point and click

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