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Home Page - Samsung Brasil | Celulares & Tablets | TV & áudio | Eletrodomésticos | Outros

by tadeufilippini
Quem disse que todo clube de benefícios é igual? Cadastre o seu produto Samsung e aproveite a vida com descontos e ofertas exclusivas para você. Cadastre-se Samsung faz mais que produtos para você ir além. Do what you can't.





Cep Telefon

by selcukx
Cep telefon ve gsm alemindeki haber ve payla??m platformu. GSM hakk?nda bilgiler yer al?r.


by Xavier Lacot
Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform for multiple device categories: tablets, smartphones, etc. Pushed by Samsung and Apple

Installer Linux peut détruire votre portable Samsung - Actualites -

by yogilou
Le problème se manifeste lorsqu'on démarre la machine avec l'UEFI. Un pilote du noyau Linux déstabilise le firmware (l'UEFI) de ces machines qui alors se bloquent. Mais les éteindre ne suffit pas à les récupérer. Car lorsqu'on les rallume... rien. Même pas un bip de la carte mère. Seulement un écran désespérément noir.


Telefon Aksesuar

by selcukx
Cept telefonu aksesaurlar?. iphone, htc, blackberry, nokia, samsung


Heimdall – Glass Echidna

by JJL (via)
What is Heimdall? Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung Galaxy S devices.

Family ties earn this Smart Cover knock-off a Samsung certification and a place on their store shelves

by alamat (via)
Apple is suing “the copyist” Samsung because they “imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”. Be that as it may, the similarities between the two tech giant’s gadgets are nothing compared to what other Asian knockoffs are doing for a living. Like Anymode Corp., which is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling a blatant Smart Cover rip-off, pictured above and below.

Samsung installs keylogger on its laptops

by alamat (via)
A user discovered a keylogger pre-installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that the company admitted was there to “monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.”


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