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Everyone Should Live In China At Least Once | Thought Catalog

"If you are a female, go live in China and be subjected to the implicit and explicit sexual discrimination in China. Lift your head up high as you get gawked at by Chinese men, staring at you as if they are trying to peel the clothes off your skin. Exhibit your strength as you fend off men who think they can do or say whatever they want to you; hold your ground when you get passed over for your male counterpart. Use these experiences and channel it into a more steadfast commitment for women’s rights." ?? What, when, where?


China gets a new leader - The Big Picture -

Une occasion de voir quelques belles photos de la Chine

China builds a 30-story skyscraper entirely in 2 weeks

?a se construit encore plus vite qu'une maison Phénix... faut juste beaucoup de Chinois


Scenes from China - The Big Picture -

Je me demande s'il faut parler de 6 sur cinemasie Et la 14 est .... sympa et la 43 est géniale




Shanghaiist: China wins one, loses one at Oscars

"During the US broadcast of the Oscars that we watched semi-live via our Filipino satellite, as William Monahan approached the stage to accept his Oscar for best adapted screenplay for The Departed, the announcer said that the movie was based on the Japanese film Infernal Affairs."

‘Casino Royale’ Premieres in China

"It hasn’t premiered here yet, but I think it’s been seen here. Someone tried to sell me a copy last night. I was wearing a hat and glasses so they didn’t recognize me."