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How secure is your WordPress site? | Webdesigner Depot

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Un article qui fera, à coup s?r, chaud au c?ur de Kame



syslog ? WordPress + nginx + Varnish + Apache 2

Le serveur se porte beaucoup mieux grace à Varnish

60 Awesome New WordPress Themes | Webdesigner Depot

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Je dois être devenue très difficile mais il n'y en a pas un qui me fait de l'oeil.

WordPress vs. ExpressionEngine: Apples and Oranges? | Webdesigner Depot

"Perhaps the folks at EllisLab would disagree, but I would define ExpressionEngine as a CCK system. WordPress seems to be moving in that direction but is not there yet. " Hunhun !


Wordpress 2.7 Wireframes v0.02

c'ty qu'?a r'ssemble de plus en plus à dotclear 2 tout ?a (mais en plus chargé) (attention il s'agit d'un pdf à l'autre bout du lien)

WordPress ? Support ? Image/Media Uploader problems

Additional: A new issue in WordPress 2.6 occurs when you have a custom directory for file uploads. The upload will work, but the link/thumbnail link will be wrong and so the image won't appear. This is a bug which can be fixed in one of two ways (either works): a) Specify the correct URL to the upload directory in the "optional" field just below the custom image path field. b) There's a new wp-includes/functions.php which will eliminate the issue. Download it and replace your existing wp-includes/functions.php file with it. Je me disais bien qu'il y avait un truc de pété.

25 plugins WordPress indispensables

Bilan : sur les 8 que j'utilise, seulement 2 en commun avec cette liste (et même pas akismet en plus) et 2 que je vais s?rement tester. Je suis moyennement convaincue par le c?té "indispensable" de la plupart.


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